The MBA in Sports Management is a unique program aimed to foster the growth of highly skilled professionals who learn the fundamental principles of the business and management-oriented elements of sports. The institute stands out among the best sport management colleges due to its international collaboration with UCAM, Spain, one of the top 10 universities in Europe to provide quality education. The institute moulds students to explore their area of interest and identify a suitable career in sports management. This one-year sports management MBA program is different from others due to its fast-forward mode, industry integrated applied approach of study, networking, integrated internship, career placement guidance, analytical industry insights, bimodal delivery, and many more. Graduates from any discipline with an interest in sports and a passion to develop a career through it should possess the right MBA degree to augment their skills and contribute towards Indian sports development.

MBA Sports Management in India

Master of Business Administration in Sports Management
1 Year
No age limit
Minimum Percentage:
A minimum of 50% average marks in graduation
Subjects Required:
Not Specified
Course Fees;
INR 5,50,000 (Scholarship facility available)
Employment Roles:
Sports Director, Sports Nutritionist, Marketing Manager,
Sales,Manager, Trainer, Sports Manager, Manager in Merchandising,
Management Trainee

Fast Forward

MBA Sports Management
Masters Sports Science
Football Executive

Best International

University Collaboration

Esteemed Experts


Industry integration

with placement assistance

Course Orientation

This MBA Sports management program will include the Bi-modal delivery of the learning modules through the foundation phase for a duration of 9 months. The applied phase will be for a duration of 3 months to provide practical internship experience to the students. The course is structured into 60 ECTS with 1 X research dissertation, 6X case studies, 6X compulsory modules, 1X specialization module, and 600 tutorial hours to engage the students in constructive learning. The course enables students to learn the planning and operational aspects of sports events and become a proactive leader in the process.

The MBA Sports Management course is created with a unique principal of 60:40. The theory v/s practical and International v/s National resource and information will be balanced optimally to ensure the best Sports Management curriculum.


    Designed to deliver the required theoretical sports management principles and knowledge

  • Created to ensure best exposure to perform and learn through mistakes


    Dedicated introduction to technological tools used in sports management through case study format

  • Guidance and support to explore important aspects of the ecosystem


    Situational learning and problem solving to enhance leadership quality

Course Accreditation

The course is accredited under Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Murcia, Spain. In 2016 Rio Olympics, 60 UCAM students participated and won 15 medals for Spain. It adequately highlights the quality and tradition of Sports and education of UCAM. It is also ranked 10th amongst European universities. The course is a standard 60 ECTS program with a regular Post Graduate Degree.

The Internationally acclaimed MBA Sports Management curriculum of UCAM is being run across the globe and contributed to produce skilful sports management personnel.

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About MBA in Sports Management

According to the Sports Management Degree Guide, "Sports management is a field that focuses on sports' business attributes, and many in this industry have obtained a sports management degree. It is the field of business that focuses directly on sports". Many different subjects are introduced in the MBA Sports Management course, such as administration, finance, marketing, sponsorship, law, and ethics. The sector also offers memorable opportunities and is not restricted to a single geographical area, as sports are prevalent in all areas. There have been technological advancements in sports management that guarantee fair judgment of the performance and ensure that athletes win fairly. Some of the tools and latest technologies are given below:

  • Instant replay
  • Sensor tools
  • Goal-line technology
  • GPS tracking

Start Your Carrer
MBA in Sports Management

Applicants must have completed their bachelor's degree in any related discipline with a minimum aggregate of 50% marks and above from a recognized university.

Why Choose SportzNext’s MBA Sports Management?

India's sports industry has been rising by leaps and bounds since the start of league-based competitions and their growing popularity. The last decade has been very fruitful for the Indian sports scene. The advent of multiple professional sports leagues for various sports in India has opened up a world of opportunities and expanded the previously limited spectrum of action. All these leagues, their associated clubs, and federations require sports management professionals.

The SportzNext MBA Sports Management course gives a holistic perspective to the students to understand the different categories of the management of sports and sports organisations. The course offers quality knowledge, industry integration, project-based learning, and a host of networking opportunities. At SportzNext, we are aware of the powerful possibilities of professional network building and provide all opportunities for exposure. With ample opportunities to get involved in international events, we ensure that all students pass out as industry-ready professionals.

Reasons Why SportzNext’s MBA Sports Management
Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career

Sports has become the essence of prime entertainment, where the industry has expanded steadily worldwide. It ranges from the management and start-up of various sports to companies' cooperation related to tourism, building and infrastructure, equipment production, hospitality, marketing, and merchandising. Based on principles of management that are adopted and used across the globe, an MBA in Sports Management can make you ready for any opportunities on a global scale.

Demand: India's youth is the ray of light that brightens the development of this sector, and, in turn, the sports industry holds a high place for young intellectual graduates. With the Government of India providing priority to sports, and the growth of multiple professionals sports leagues across cricket, football, badminton, tennis, kabaddi, etc. the sports management job market is starting to open up at an extremely fast pace. Therefore, the demand for graduates in this field is at an all-time high and still growing. With an international degree from UCAM, SportzNext students have a definite added advantage over others in the job market.

Career Growth: MBA in Sports Management course offers an opportunity for candidates who have a deep interest in the world of sport to discuss it from a business point of view. The course introduces the applicants to the latest trends and innovations in the world of sports.

SportzNext provides a holistic program that ensures students develop knowledge about different aspects of sports management. This helps them work across different verticals and departments and also a smooth transition between them. Thus, SportzNext sets up professionals for seamless career growth according to the choices of the students.

Career Options after MBA in Sports Management

As mentioned earlier, an MBA in Sports Management offers promising careers in sports\and opens doors in several areas, such as operations, marketing, retail, sports events, manufacturing, consumer social responsibility, etc. One can also go into academic and teaching roles, at higher institutes. Some of the prominent career options are listed below:

  • Sports Consultant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sports Event Manager

  • Sports Consultant
  • Sports Venue Manager
  • Sporting Director

  • Operations Manager
  • Sales Associate
  • Sports Management lecturers/professors.

  • Sports program Managers
  • Sports Sponsorship executive


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