EdTech and its Impact on Sports Education


Over recent years, India has gradually realized the scope and opportunities that the sports industry can offer. The young population that has a wide array of opportunities to build their career have a natural inclination for sports as their profession. Be it sports management, sports science or technology, the young aspirants are making the most of their learning opportunities to build a rewarding career. However, the rise of Sports education has been in a few cities where the level of community sports is higher, and the number of sports events is significantly high. Sports education has become the primary starting point to convert an undying passion into a profession. The rise of the global pandemic has resulted in more digitization and all the sports management companies have turned to a digitized business model that can ensure their sustainability during these unprecedented times. The digitization has given rise to Edtech as a major catalyst in creating a smooth transition from physical classes and workshops to online learning management softwares (LMS). The main question lies whether Edtech can really integrate into delivering quality sports education? It is important to first understand the impact that the EdTech segment has had on the overall economy before we make any non-validated conclusions. However, one thing is certain that sports education has to adapt with the advanced technology that is shaping the future of learning and knowledge development. EdTech goes a long way in becoming a key solution in simplifying complex teaching methodologies and providing the best learning experience to young sports aspirants.

EdTech: The Billion-dollar industry

As e-learning continues to grow more popular, its scope is widening worldwide due to pandemic led restrictions. As a result, India’s own education technology (Edtech) sector is expected by industry analysts to become a US$30 billion industry over the next decade.

According to Statista estimates, the present market valuation of the Indian Edtech industry is US$2.8 billion and is expected to reach US$10.4 billion by 2025. Industry reports suggest that the aggregate revenue of Indian Edtech startups has doubled since FY 2018 and this rate is expected to only multiply. Coupled with an exponential rise in the number of paid Edtech users (projected by KPMG to reach 37 million by 2025), the Indian Edtech industry presents huge opportunities for foreign investors.

India is among the leading markets for global venture capital funding in education, following China and the United States. Reports suggest that the Indian education sector has received approximately INR 300 billion (US$4.04 billion) of funding since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to data from analytics firm Tracxn, between January and August 2021, Edtech players attracted a whopping US$3.81 billion in funding. Gamification has gained popularity among EdTech start-ups.  Edtech startups have taken steps to make learning more interesting with interactive videos and music.

The Indian EdTech industry is expected to be more policy friendly in the upcoming years due to rising government interest. The National Education Policy 2020 emphasized the importance of leveraging technology in education solutions and supported the creation of learning content in regional languages, calling it a high priority. Investors are interested in EdTech start-ups as they quickly adapt to advanced technologies and provide a high return on investment. The demand for EdTech firms among students and parents is increasing as the post-pandemic situation continues to boost the need for remote learning. The Government of India (GOI) has announced various plans and systematic changes to improve the EdTech industry and enhance the remote learning experience for students.


Beyond a substitute to traditional classroom learning, EdTech is a new dimension to actionable learning, the key to customization. Be it the task of curtailing administrative costs, synchronization of various departments, or quantifiable measurement of various outcomes and results, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-enabled technologies do great help at all fronts. Equipped with Pattern Analysis and Trend Algorithms, today’s teachers have better assessment tools that give a comprehensive analysis of every student. Besides, EdTech is enabling researchers and content developers to prepare customized study material for students.

Technology is helping the industry to identify the weaknesses of individual students. AI and machine learning help analyze the student’s weaknesses from their online inputs and responses. Also, blessed with hybrid learning models, students have various interesting options for knowledge and skill development. Another imperative advantage of EdTech is enhanced social learning, which plays a decisive role in making a learner socially competent. Their preferred choice to pursue courses has changed massively in recent years with the entry of a large number of EdTech platforms.


Can EdTech integrate into Sports Education?

Sports education is only going to become a major trend in the future as we are witnessing a major transition of the sports industry from the physical world to the digital world. The growth of different facets in the industry such as Esports and Sports technology solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Blockchain Technology will lead to innovative learning models conceptualized by educational institutions. The role of technology in sports will act as a catalyst in transforming sports education and become a major boon for young professionals who are looking for career growth in this dynamic industry.

The growth of hybrid EdTech platforms to deliver sports-related courses will help students and young professionals to witness an immersive learning experience with the best pedagogy and curriculum to augment their growth. The idea of providing practical exposure to the students in the form of internships will be a major challenge within the curriculum if the global pandemic does not cease to exist. The primary objectives of institutions will change depending on the courses which they offer. More emphasis will be given to developing the soft skills required to become more efficient and effective in a sports setting. Given the huge benefits that Edtech offers to students as well as educational institutions, Sports education will be no different in terms of delivery, content, and quality.

Sports education is still at a nascent stage in India. It requires a bigger traction to capture the Indian market. Edtech can certainly leverage the demand for Sports education courses in Sports Management and Sports science if the learning model is integrated with extensive use of technology including Artificial Intelligence and Machine-learning tools.

Sportz Next: India’s only EdTech platform for Sports Education

The void for providing an attractive learning platform within sports education has been massively filled by Sportz Next – India’s only Edtech platform for sports education. The Institute has imbibed Edtech as their unique mode of delivering internationally accredited courses in Sports Management and Sports Science. The Institute is focused to ensure applied learning through industry integration and a curated international curriculum that is backed by renowned national and international experts. Sportz Next has introduced a disruptive sports education model with a strong digital backbone and balanced physical involvement. Another unique facet of Sportz Next is the industry integration, knowledge, and networking opportunities it delivers through Sports education. The learning model for the students is not just about writing exams and getting a degree. It is much more than that. An immersive learning experience fuelled with practical knowledge delivered by global experts is the fundamental USP of Sportz Next.

Through the Edtech-based model, Sportz Next is focused to empower and evolve each student to become a competent leader and act as a catalyst in transforming India into a sports superpower. Sports education cannot get bigger and better than this. Sportz Next has revolutionized Sports education. The entire perception of sports education revolving around the minds of young aspirants has changed with the introduction of SportzNext’s 360-degree approach. It is a very big eye-opener for young professionals who wish to build a career in sports and are seeking suitable opportunities in sports education and experience a rewarding journey.


EdTech can become a major game-changer for Sports education within India. Institutions like Sportz Next have become a pioneer of this approach to deliver quality learning. Sports education will certainly improve in the future and witness radical changes in the approach of educational institutions. EdTech’s multiple benefits from a social, technological, and commercial standpoint have made it a major catalyst in simplifying learning among students. Sports education courses in Sports Management and Sports science will certainly be more rewarding if it integrates technology that is beneficial and reliable in the long run. The ultimate winners of EdTech’sintegration into sports education will be the aspiring sports management and sports science students who have experienced a unique learning model that can provide a 360-degree learning experience and make them stand out as sports leaders in the future.


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