Diploma in Sports Marketing and Sponsorship - Course Overview

Our Diploma Courses are unique specialization courses mainly designed to ensure knowledge enhancement of working professionals in the industry who wish to augment their skills and know how about a specific aspect in sports. Our international collaboration with Universidad Politecnica De Cartagena, Spain makes these courses one of a kind with the presence of international experts. Our objective behind offering these courses is to create specialists who can ensure gradual growth of specific fields such as sports sponsorship, sports marketing, sports event management and Digital communication. We are also all set to start Sports Science Diploma program like sports nutrition, sports psychology and training methodology. The Diploma programs are created targeting specific area which require expert skill to ensure revenue flow or better performance.


As per new concept proposed by Education Ministry


Best international resources to deliver the course


Online recorded & live interactive class


Assured placement assistance

Course Orientation

Weekend classes best suited for working professional. 300 Hours of quality study focusing mainly on case studies or applied learning. Institute created an individual interactive format ensuring better understanding and skill enhancement, without only delivering information. Institute will ensure best networking opportunity and guidance to create better professional gain and visibility.

A Program designed for:

Applicant / Studens with a high level of english,
with first degrees in:

Sports Science , Business administration or business managemnet & entrepreneurship Marketing Any other holder of a higher education qualification who wants a career in sports marketing with proven experience in sales & marketing

The diploma is also especially suited as a private degree program for sports industry professionals who want to deepen & broaden their experties in order to further their careers.

  • Learning

    Theoretical aspects delivered by renowned resource.

  • Case study, analytical and interactive learning understanding ecosystem.

  • Soft skill

    Sports require soft skill at each level. A Special training to improve it.

  • A dedicated guidance and analytical support to explore and understand.

  • Master

    Best input from international experts to augment learning outcome.

Course Accreditation

All the Diploma programs are accredited by best institutes. As an example through UPCT, Spain. The technical university of Cartagena was founded in 1998, although the schools of engineering and business science are more than 100-year-old. The UPCT, offers a mixture of tradition and modernity that gives the university a dynamic and innovative spirit.
Since its early beginnings the UPCT has signed different types of cooperation agreements with 178 European universities. It clearly shows the quality of UPCT educational programs and its flexibility to adapt with various educational system. UPCT will bring sports industry specific diploma courses which will be unique and delivered through highly qualified sports experts along with 30 ECTS Accreditation.The Diploma in sports management and sponsorship has been designed by the university to deliver all insights, tools, communication and negotiation skills for the budding sports executives.