Sportz Next education institute is India's leading 360-degree sports higher education provider through renowned faculties, international university collaborations, best sports ecosystem integration, and placement assistance.

Sportz Next delivers MBA sports management, Masters sports science and high performance, post-Graduate football executive, Diploma courses, and certification programs with a definitive objective to deliver quality sports education through optimum balance and applied learning methodology.

The USP of Sportz Next are:

  • India’s Only Sports EdTech platform providing International Accredited courses both for Management and sports science domain.
  • Delivered through EdTech platform to democratize Sports education
  • Best faculties, Industry integration and Knowledge Networking
  • Flexibility to optimize learning outcome adopting self-paced learning.

Sportz next has its own sports education publication to promote awareness and international conferences and conclaves to enrich the Indian sports ecosystem infusing international best practices.

 Lt. Gen. Manvender Singh
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manvender singh
Sportz Next Education

The next generation deserves the best sports education which ensures balanced integration between international best practices and India’s trends. Sports being performance oriented, the delivery of sports education should be applied with technological insight to improve analytical understanding.

Sports: The Next Big Thing

The sleeping giant, India, has understood the importance and potential of sports and is planning a transformation. Sports are now on the priority list of the central as well as state governments in developing a culture, an organized system, and sustainable performance are in focus. The growth in the Sports industry is already visible and predicted to grow further. The opportunities will be many however, to capitalize on these opportunities, the correct skill sets will be required. Sportz Next will ensure that the students acquire the correct tools and learning mindset through its sports higher-education courses and internationally approved teaching methodologies.


Sportz Next is accredited and approved by international universities and organizations as SOL(Site-of-learning) and sports technologies as a preferred partner, which empowers EdTech to deliver quality degrees and educational content to upskill individuals or Institutions ensuring the best learning outcome and experience.