Sportz Next offers a unique one-year Master’s program in Sports Science and High Performance. The course is the ideal game changer in the Indian sports ecosystem, set to provide evidence-based knowledge to the students. Our unique collaboration with UCAM is our best asset in delivering top-quality education in sports Science. The Sports Science Master’s program will cover the different areas which have a direct impact on the high performance of athletes.

Highlights are:

  1. 60 ECTS, Internationally Accredited degree
  2. Learning experience from best international and national faculties
  3. Knowledge-networking through global conclaves
  4. Practical exposure through internships
  5. Placement assistance

Masters in Sports Science and High Performance in India

Masters in Sports Science and High Performance
1 Year
No age limit
Minimum Percentage:
A minimum of 50% average marks in graduation
Subjects Required:
Not Specified
Course Fees;
INR 5,50,000 (Scholarship facility available)
Employment Roles:
High Performance Director, Sports Nutritionist, Trainer, Biomechanics Expert

Fast Forward

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Masters Sports Science
Football Executive

Best International

University Collaboration

Esteemed Experts


Industry integration

with placement assistance

Course Orientation

This Masters in sports science & high-performance course consists of two learning phases. The foundation phase will provide the theoretical on learning of the course for a duration of 9 months. The applied phase of 3 months will provide practical exposure to develop a good understanding of the demands and opportunities in Sports Science. The course is structured into 60 ECTS with 1 research dissertation, 6 case studies, 6 compulsory modules, 1 specialization module, and 600 tutorial hours to engage the students in constructive learning. This postgraduate degree in sports science is on par with some of the best sports science programs being delivered across the world.

  • Foundation

    Understand sports science domain and its relation to sports performance

  • Practical integration of concepts to ensure high performance

  • Technology

    Dedicated introduction to the technological tools which are essential and relevant in today’s sports science field.

  • Dedicated guidance and analytical support to explore how scientific research works.

  • Master

    Best input from international experts to augment learning outcome.

Course Accreditation

The course is accredited under UCAM, Spain, a university that has developed a strong sports education culture and has been nominated in the Top 10 Universities of Europe. UCAM received special recognition from the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) as it helped Spain bag 15 out of its total 17 medals at the Rio Olympics 2016. It defines the sports performance and sports science standards of UCAM.

About Masters in Sports Science and High Performance

According to the Sports Science Degree Guide, "Sports Science is a field that focuses on sports performance related attributes, and many in this industry have obtained a Sports Science degree. It is the field of performance that focuses directly on athletes".

Many different subjects are introduced in the MBA Sports Science course, such as administration, finance, law, and ethics. The sector also offers memorable opportunities and is not restricted to a single geographical area, as sports are prevalent in all areas.

There have been technological advancements in Sports Science that guarantee fair judgment of the performance and ensure that athletes win fairly. Some of the tools and latest technologies are given below:

Applicants must have completed their bachelor's degree in any related discipline with a minimum aggregate of 50% marks and above from a recognized university.

Why Choose Sportz Next’s Masters in Sports Science?

India's sports industry has been rising by leaps and bounds since the start of league-based competitions and their growing popularity. However, there is a huge void in the number of skilled professionals in the domain of sports science which has hindered the performance of athletes in India. The Masters in Sports Science and High Performance course gives a holistic perspective to the students to understand the different categories pertaining to the performance of athletes. The course offers quality knowledge, industry integration, project-based learning and a host of networking opportunities to open up a strong career pathway in the field of sports science. We at Sportz Next have brought the best national and international experts to deliver quality education through a hybrid learning model, which ensures a unique learning experience for the students.

Reasons Why SportzNext’s Masters in Sports Science
Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career

Sports involves high level of competition which in turn requires quality performance from athletes on a sustainable basis. This has created a huge demand for skilled professionals with the relevant expertise in different fields such as Nutrition, Psychology, Strength and Conditioning and Biomechanics to ensure athlete’s performance enhancement. India being a country with huge sports potential will only result in more number of opportunities for these graduates to play a major role in building the sports performance of India at the world stage.

Demand: India's youth is the ray of light that brightens the development of this sector, and, in turn, the sports industry holds a high place for young intellectual graduates. There is a huge demand for graduates with a unique specialization like Sports Science. There is a clear dearth of quality professionals in major sporting organisations to improve performance.

Career Growth: Masters in Sports Science course offers an opportunity for candidates who have a deep interest in the world of sport to discuss it from a performance point of view. The course introduces the students to the latest trends and innovations in the world of sports science which will help them to accelerate their career.

Career Options after Masters in Sports Science

As mentioned earlier, the Masters in Sports Science and High Performance offers promising careers in sports\and opens doors in several areas, such as Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Biomechanics, One can go in teaching in schools, and higher institutes, one of the most outstanding jobs in the range of opportunities are listed below:

  • Sports Science Consultant
  • Team Physiotherapist
  • High Performance expert

  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Strength and Conditioning Expert
  • Sports Biomechanics Expert

  • Sports Medical Expert
  • Sports Science Lecturer/Professor
  • Doctoral Research in Sports Science


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